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Unique Instruments Include:

  • Gombe Drum – one of the special drum that assist in making music dynamic and unique. It is mostly rhythmical music drum that makes Wo Shishijee Group display the rich traditional Ga-dangbe dance Gombe .
  • Osrama drum - osrama is a special instrument created sole to created tune that rhythmical not common. It’s an instrument that was inherited by the Wo Shishijee Troupe by of the natives of Ga-Dangbe. This one of the few instruments that makes the group unique. we perform with this drum most often when we doing the osrama dance
  • Kpanlogo drum – his drum is as rich as it performances. It’s one of the traditional Ga-dangbe drums which brings the best sound of hope and releases unique melody that makes audience and performers relate. This drum is mostly used for teaching and performing traditional Ga-dangbe music and dance.its use for the performance of the kpanlogo dance at the great Ga-Dangbe festival Homowo festival “hooting at hunger”
  • Bells – it is an instrument use by our group to garnish our display and make it extra unique during performance
  • Backing Instruments

  • Xylophone – it is an instrument originated from eastern Asia which has been introduced by the Wo Shishijee Troupe to enrich their spectacular performance.
  • Djembe drum – the most common drum that can be found around any traditional group and those unique drum. Its unique African sound/tone makes it qualify for a lead palm drum for special dances, especially with the most exaggerated and storytelling scene. Djembe is a lead drum that is always used to speak to the audience through performance.
  • Konka – a large tubular bass drum, used chiefly in Latin American and funk music and played with the palm. It’s one of the few drums that was emulated from the Latin America world and used in Ghana and West Africa as a supporting drum for most African and tribal drum performances. Wo Shishijee troupe developed love for this drum due to its powerful and melodious beat and sounds it comes up with. It’s one of the lead drum for the performance of Wo Shishijee cultural troupe.
  • Keyboard – it’s one of the few instruments that help the Wo Shishijee band with its afro- fusion and Ga-dangbe music and dance performances. As we all know keyboard is the set of adjacent depressible levers or keys on an instrument. It helps in the blend of our melodies to a high international standard of performance and provides the uniqueness needed for contemporary performances whiles maintaining the traditional effect.
  • Fume-Fume Drum – it’s a drum made with lion skin, oval in sharp and made with local woods, small in size and fixed under the armpit when playing. Its sound is thin put very piercing to the performance, also a great beat maker for our Ga-dangbe music. It’s an important drum for our performance. Guitar – one of the common instruments found around most musical group and bands. Its electrifying sound make the song, beat or tunes complete. It’s another important instrument for the Wo Shishijee cultural troupe.