Unique Dances performed by the Wo Shishijee Dance Ensemble includes the following

Gombe dance

It’s performed with Gombe Drum which is laid in between the legs and backed by sweet melody which will make the performers turn backward, sideways, and frontward making it artistically possible for them to jump. It’s part of the dance originated by the forefathers of the Wo Shishijee Group during the slave days, in Fernando. Its unique cultural display makes people across the country and some part of the world eager to learn. Wo Shishijee Troupe are experts in this dance and teaching of the cultural unique dance and drum section.

Osrama dance

Also a great and dramatic dance that tells a story in diverse ways. It is mostly performed in a group of 14 members to demonstrate a common goal for peace and love even in moments of war. It is normally performed with over fifteen to twenty artiste on stage. It is unique due to display of fireworks, acrobatics, singing, drumming, cycling and gestural movements incorporated. It is one of the energetic performances that showcases the rich cultural Heritage of the Ga-Danbge. This performance was one of the most performed and celebrated which awarded Wo Shishijee Troupe best traditional Group at festival in Saudi Arabia.

Kpanlogo Dance

With the aim of showcasing the beautiful culture of Ga-Mashie during the Homowo festival “hooting at hunger” days where Ga Dangbe community experienced famine. This dance/performance uniquely is significant for the Ga Dangbe group because it tells a story of how our fore fathers struggled to fend for themselves This dance was created by Otoo Lincoln one of the uncles of Bright Degbevi (leader of Wo Shishijee Troupe). Wo Shishijee Troupe was Awarded Kpanlogo Group due to the best performance displayed at the 2016 Ghana music Awards at the awards night before the main award.

FumeFume dance

A dance originated by the late Uncle of Wo Shishijee Troupe Mustahpa Tettey Addy a native of Ga Mashi of the Ga Dangbe traditional Area. Fume- fume is performed with a lined up of various drums, with a traditional song. Composed to beatify the rich traditional display with a loud clap, with Horns or bells with artist running round in a circular form to show unity and love. Its performed with over 15 performers consisting of musicals, dancers, drummers, fireworks eaters, acrobatics etc. It’s one of the cultural unique performances which makes Wo Shishijee Troupe a traditionalGroup at a particular time can look like a whole nation with display of fireworks, eat of bottles, dance display, percussion display, cycling display and Acrobatics. We teach, coach and organize workshops for groups and individual on this particular dance and music performance. Wo Shishijee Troupe has the expertise in performing, teaching and coaching these cultural unique dances to individuals and organizations.

Woshishijee drummers