Woshishijee Cultural Troupe

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Woshishijee-Ghana performance Woshishijee-Ghana performance Woshishijee-Ghana performance Woshishijee-Ghana performance Woshishijee-Ghana performance

Woshishijee Cultural Troupe was established by the current master drummer’s father by name Drummer Degbevi. His son Bright Degbevi and members of the group kept it alive and has vibrated it even the more in the last 14 years. Registered at the Registrar general department since 2003, the troupe is an Affiliate of the Musicians Union of Ghana, Center for National Culture, National theatre Ghana, Ghana dance Association and the National Commission on Culture, Ghana.

Woshishije Cultural Group has traveled both locally and internationally to perform in African Ghanaian traditional cultural Festivals, celebrations, Governmental occasions, ceremonial events, Durbars, weddings, and funerals including May in Memphis, Cultural Heritage in Seattle, Spirit of Africa in Seattle Washington and the Homowo Festival in Portland Oregon. All in the interest of keeping the traditional African dance, drumming, and culture alive, while celebrating African tribal customs.

Woshishijee group photo

During the 1970s the leading fathers of the group were the originators of Agbadza dance and its drum, Fume-fume dance, Osrama dance and drums, Kpanlogo Dance and drums which Was the unique dance and drumming festival of the Ga-Dangbe tradition Area. The Wo Shishijee Cultural Troupe is based in Accra in the West African country of Ghana, which is also known as the Gateway to Africa. Ghana has a rich history of African tribes and Ashanti kings. Wo Shishijee' is a dance, drumming, Fireworks and drama institution that keeps the history alive. Most of the members of Wo Shishijee Cultural Troupe live in and around Abeka, Achimota, Saint Johns, province of Accra, Abeka Lapaz serves as the location grounds for rehearsal and training.

Despite the harsh conditions of life, the group has maintained its' standard of commitment demonstrating excellence in all performances. Wo Shishijee Cultural Troupe is one of the most outstanding groups that perform a combination of traditional dance, music, fireworks, acrobatic cycling and music all in one in adynamic stage performance with dramatizations, which provoke raw emotions from audiences without fail. The group is known in Ghana as master performers of creative live music, Fireworks, cycling, drumming and dance.

The group is known for its uniqueness in approach tailored for specific audience at difference times and place. This has made their coaching, presentation, workshops, seminars and performing skills gained a pillar in the traditional dance at the center for national culture in Ghana. Wo Shishijee cultural Troupe is one of the best culturally unique group the country can boast of in relation to the origination of the Hogbetsotso Drum and dance traditional music, drumming and dance and best coaching & teaching, presenting and performing group in Ghana, On that note, they were named “Wo Shishijee” which means “Our Beginning”.